I own kids. I laugh. I dance awkwardly. I will eat anything you place in front of me, so you had better serve it quickly and get out of my chomping zone. I drink apple juice by the gallon. I wear a size 6 shoe. I am the shortest adult in my family.

I write, mostly about my kids, here.

I draw, usually with Sharpies, here.

I tweet, because I’m relevant in 140 characters, here.

I feel like I needed to own a different space (I say “own” as if I paid for this space. Thanks, free WordPress account!) for yet another one of my creative outlets, because, ladies and gentlemen, I intend to…wait for it…become a writer. That is, of the paid variety.

So this is where I will be honing my craft (I say “craft” as if I paid for writing lessons. Thanks, free English language!), welcoming your criticisms, toughening my skin for a bazillion rejection letters when I finally do write something from start to The End, connecting with other writers hoping to tack “Best-Selling Author” onto their resumes, and where I will refrain from posting eleven thousand pictures of my beautiful children.

You’re welcome.